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The Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board met in September and awarded nearly $32,000 in grants funded through Operation Round Up. Health grants were awarded to five individuals/families from Troy, Truesdale, and Warrenton. Grants included helping a disabled woman with a new bed and assisting with medical-related expenses for a disabled gentleman and a family with a disabled child. Three weatherization grants were awarded to individuals in need of a new air conditioning/heating system and roof repairs/ replacement.

Community organizations that received grants included:

Crisis Nursery of St. Charles — $5,000 to help launch an expansion of the organization’s Family Empowerment Program stabilization services into Lincoln County.

Center for Hearing and Speech — $2,000 to help fund audiology services for low-income families in counties served by CREC.

First Step Preschool — $2,000 to help fund classroom items needed for the additional classroom created by dividing a larger one, which allows for more individualization
for each student.

New Melle Sports & Recreation — $5,000 to help fund the purchase of a new tractor for the daily care of grounds as they are needed for community events.

Wright City Parks Foundation — $3,271 to support the purchase and installation of new ADA swings for Diekroeger Park in Wright City.