Taking care of our members with special health needs

A stethoscope and medical chartElectricity and medicine work hand in hand to improve the quality of life and health for many. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the use of home health equipment powered by electricity. Electricity is a lifeline for families with special health needs. That's why we'd like to know when someone depends on electricity for his or her next breath.

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative offers a Medical Alert Registry program. When you register for this program, you are placed on a registry list, so every reasonable effort may be made to provide advance notice of a planned maintenance outage. 

The Medical Alert Registry also helps prioritize service restoration when possible after an unexpected power disruption. However, when an unexpected outage occurs, crews must first focus on restoring power to main lines and make power available to secondary lines. Following a storm or other emergency, priorities may also include other life-threatening circumstances, which are evaluated as they become known. 

To register, complete the Medical Alert program form (linked below) and send it with a physician's written statement to: 

Medical Alert program form

Medical Alert Program 

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative

P.O. Box 160, Troy, MO 63379

If you previously registered for Medical Alert but no longer require the electrical equipment, we would also appreciate hearing from you. To remove a name from the medical alert registry call 800-392-3709.


NOTICE to Members, Care Givers and Health Care Professionals: The Medical Alert Registry allows the Cooperative to consider a member's life-threatening health condition dependent on the operation of electrical equipment whenever possible. The Cooperative can provide advance notice of planned disruption for maintenance purposes, provide information to help members make decisions regarding their health and comfort, and help members and their caregivers evaluate the need to evacuate to a shelter or other accommodations in the event of an extended power disruption. Placement on the Registry does not guarantee uninterrupted service, prevent electric service disruption, or relieve a member's responsibility to maintain an account in good standing. Nor does the Registry guarantee that members with severe medical conditions will be able to have their electric service restored following a natural or man-made power disruption without consideration for the greater good and safety of the general public. It is the member's responsibility to contact the Cooperative for address changes and updates.