Meter Tampering

CREC cautions its members against the dangers and illegalities of meter tampering. 

Tampering with meters and cutting into wires to interfere with the flow of electricity can result in electrocution, electrical burns, or other serious injury. There is also the chance of sparking a house fire. Meters are connected to a voltage that can be fatal if not installed and maintained by a qualified professional.

What is considered meter tampering?
•    Adjusting anything on the meter
•    Obstructing the meter
•    Damaging the meter pedestal
•    Repositioning the meter
•    Breaking the meter seal
•    Cutting a meter lock
•    Flipping the CREC breaker switch on (if it is off)
•    Removing the meter from its mount for any purpose
•    Bypassing the CREC meter through any means

Tampering is also a criminal offense that can lead to arrest and prosecution. If CREC suspects meter tampering, we will disconnect your power immediately, and report the crime to local authorities. In addition to the penalties you will face for breaking the law, CREC will also charge you with meter tampering fees.

We urge our members to report any suspicious activity or concerns regarding meter tampering immediately by using this online form. It can be submitted anonymously to CREC.

Meter damage can sometimes occur due to weather, wildlife, or livestock. If you suspect there is anything wrong with your CREC meter, please call us immediately at 800-392-3709. We are available 24/7/365 if you have a meter problem.

We take this issue very seriously and will work with law enforcement to ensure the safety and well-being of our members and the community.