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Green Power Terms of Service
  • The Green Power charge to CREC members will now be $0.10 per block of 100 kWhs. To participate in this program, you will be required to purchase a minimum of 10  blocks each month (this will add $1.00 to your bill).
  • You can request to purchase more than 10 blocks each month but the number of kWhs purchased cannot exceed your average monthly usage. For example - if your average monthly usage is 1,846 kWhs, you can only sign up to receive 18 blocks of Green Power each month. When you request to participate in the program, our Member Services Representative will determine how many blocks you can commit to. 
  • When you sign up, you will be agreeing to a 12-month commitment. This will be noted on your account. We will accept new participants at any time during the year but new contracts will only start in January or July. 
  • Each 12-month commitment will renew automatically unless CREC receives a cancellation request from the member. Cancellation requests must be made before December 1 for January contracts and before June 1 for July contracts. 
  • CREC reserves the right to adjust the price at the end of each 12-month commitment if AECI's price increases significantly. Each participating member will be notified before their renewal date if a price adjustment is made.