It's "Back To School" Time For Youth Programs

With schools back in session Cuivre River renews its commitment to the cooperative principles of "education" and "concern for community," and prepares to deliver safety and energy programs to thousands of new faces. Cooperative principles are the foundation for year-round community outreach programs that also offer youth leadership opportunities and scholarships. The cornerstone is electric safety education. Few know more about this than fourth-grade students who get a visit from Keith Mueller and his "Hot Line."


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Hot Line Safety Demonstration.

His table-top demonstration of basic power line safety principles never ceases to capture the attention of students and teachers with life-saving lessons.

Keith and his predecessors have been bringing "Hot Line" safety into Cuivre River classrooms for nearly three decades. Developed for Fourth Grade, the current "Hot Line" program covers basic electrical safety, indoor and outdoor electrical safety at home, series and parallel circuits and many MAP standards that enhance school curriculum. Joe Schmitz has added energy efficiency education into the mix, developed for Grades 6-8. Joe's "Efficient Everyday Energy!" program focuses on energy conservation and efficiency and enhances middle school science curriculum.

Keith and Joe are education specialists who work on behalf of Cuivre River to provide school and community programs in partnership with our power supplier, Central Electric Power Cooperative (CEPC), Jefferson City.

During the 2014-2015 school year, they visited 48 school campuses and gave 73 school and community programs to more than 7,600 students and families in the Cuivre River area alone — just a portion of the CEPC region they serve.

Both are former teachers and have adapted their programs for a variety of audiences. Their curriculum is unique and fills a void that interests many educators. Their work in mid-Missouri is also reaching the University of Missouri-Columbia, where they are also helping to develop criteria for teacher education.

In addition to a full school calendar, both are busy year-round visiting 4-H camps and other groups during school breaks. Educators are encouraged to schedule programs now for the winter months. To inquire about the "Hot Line" demonstration call Keith at (573) 761-2844; To inquire about "Efficient Everyday Energy!" call Joe at (573) 761-2811.