Co-op Connections Card

Let "Weaver' get the job done

Scot Weaver caught the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age and has yet to let go. As a teenager, he kept himself busy by doing odd jobs such as painting or cutting grass.

His parent’s basement served as home base to a budding business which eventually led to him hiring friends to help complete the increasing amount of jobs.

Always a tail waggin’ good time

Have you ever fretted over what to do with Fido if you need to leave town and your regular dog sitter is nowhere to be found? Just remember that you do have connections with Cuivre River’s Co-op Connections Card and specifically Innisfree Kennels of Troy. Sue and Greg Lister operate the business and certainly love dogs.

According to Sue, “We’ve boarded all types of dogs, from Mastiffs to Chihuahuas.”

Go beyond the card

Co-op Connections is a member benefit program that allows Cuivre River Electric members access to thousands of deals. Cardholders have saved thousands of dollars since the program began in 2008. We are proud to present you with this money saving opportunity through your cooperative membership. We’re going beyond the card with this new and improved program.

Program FAQs and Benefits

Q: How am I able to receive discounts with the Co-op Connections program?

Co-op Connections program gets a facelift

We’ve all been taught that life brings us constant change. It’s no different for an organization such as Cuivre River. If you used our Co-op Connections Card website this summer, you probably have noticed some changes.

Our national branding partner, Touchstone Energy, has updated the Co-op Connections program to give it a fresher look. New options and benefi ts await those who dare to go there!

Let stained glass brighten your day

Tucked away east of Warrenton in the city of Truesdale is one of the most unique businesses you’ll find in Cuivre River’s Co-op Connections Card program. The business is Glass Garden, where artisans Bev and Al Holden busily create and repair stained glass items.

With the mention of stained glass, many people think of church windows. And yes, Glass Garden has performed stained glass restorations for many churches. But visiting Glass Garden opens your world to a whole new experience of how vibrant stained glass can enhance the decor of your home or business.