Your vote matters!

August 2, 2019

The 2019 Cuivre River Electric Cooperative election of four board directors is underway.

This year’s election includes a slate of eight candidates across four districts. To provide you with more information about each of their backgrounds and views, download our voter guide.

You are eligible to choose one candidate for each district. The ballot order for all candidates was drawn randomly by the Nominating Committee. An asterisk (*) next to a candidate’s name indicates that they are a current officeholder.

Voting options

Vote online or by paper ballot by August 19 — if you have an email on file with CREC, you should have received an email with a link that directs you to the login page of the official 2019 Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Ballot. Or you can go directly to the page by typing directly into your web browser (not a search engine) to access the ballot. Candidate information is available online for your review during the online voting process.

You will be asked for proof of your membership when you login — a copy of your bill will have the information you need. Enter your base member number only, you do not need to type in any numbers after the hyphen. If you vote online, you will receive confirmation of your vote. Voting with a paper ballot is also available by mail if ballots are requested no later than August 12. Call Survey & Ballot Systems, our election partner, to inquire about a paper ballot: 952-974-2339 or email For online voting, you can access the voting site until 11:59 p.m (CST) on August 19. All paper ballots must be received by the close of business on August 19.

Vote at the Annual Meeting at 4 p.m. on August 22 — if you attend the annual meeting at our Lake Saint Louis office, 8757 Hwy. N, Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367, you will receive your ballot on site. Registration is from 3 to 4 p.m.
Please note: Paper ballots may not be delivered to CREC offices or brought and cast at the Annual Meeting.

About the Annual Meeting

While members are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting on August 22, the meeting will also be streamed live online for you to view. To access, please visit the home page of our website,

If you attend the meeting in person, remember that the meeting will not include any food, entertainment or registration gifts. However, all members who cast a vote (online, paper or in person) will be entered into a drawing for free electricity. Attendance at the meeting is not required to be eligible for voting participation prizes; the winners of these prizes will be announced the week following the meeting.  

Our thanks to all members in advance for participating in the Board of Directors election — your vote matters!


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