Watch for these flaws in your home

Watch for these flaws in your home

No house would score perfectly when it comes to energy efficiency. But here are 10 flaws that can and should be fixed.

1. Air leaks around rim joists, windows, doors, recessed lighting, electrical outlets and switches

2. Air leaks in heating/air conditioning ductwork

3. Dirty heating and air conditioning system filters

4. Unwrapped water heaters (if manufacturer’s warranty allows) and hot water pipes in unconditioned spaces

5. No low-flow shower heads

6. Little or no attic and wall insulation

7. No radiant barriers or insulated walls in crawl space or basement

8. Continued use of energy-wasting incandescent light bulbs

9. No power strips for electronic devices

10. No programmable thermostats to automate heating and cooling

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