Voting FAQS for Annual Meeting

Voting FAQS for Annual Meeting

Q    During the absentee voting period, can I request an absentee ballot kit for another person?
A    No. You may only obtain a ballot kit for yourself. Until July 31 you can request a ballot by calling SBS at 952-974-2339. You may also vote absentee online through Aug.7 by using a secure web portal at Verification of your membership will be required. Ballots are not available at Cuivre River offices, however a computer station is available for members’ use to vote online during normal lobby hours through Aug. 7.  

Q    Can my spouse and I both vote?
A    No. Only one vote may be cast per member household or business. To be eligible, your name should appear on your family’s account.

Q    Can I bring my absentee ballot to the office?
A    No. Absentee ballots should be mailed to SBS in the postage-paid envelope provided.

Q    Can I bring my absentee ballot to the meeting?
A    No. Absentee ballots will not be accepted at the meeting. If you request an absentee ballot you do not use, you can receive a replacement ballot when you register at the meeting.

Q    Who counts the ballots?
A    Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), the independent firm assisting Cuivre River with voting, will process and tally all ballots collected throughout the voting period. This includes the June 27-Aug. 7 absentee voting period through the collection of ballots available during the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee and election officials deputized by the cooperative’s attorney will also be present to assist with questions. Results are to be certified by Survey & Ballot Systems.

Q    If I vote absentee can I still attend the meeting?
A    Yes. You will not receive another ballot, but you will have access to the meeting and festivities, including attendance prizes.

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