Shop local but remember Co-op Connections

November 9, 2020

November is normally a time for the holiday season to be knocking on the door. This year, however, we can’t help but wonder — what will the holiday season be like? Will we be able to get out and shop like we have in the past? Alhough we can’t predict what the COVID situation will be like by the time you’re reading this article, we can be optimistic and recommend shopping locally this year for the holidays.

Help the local economy

If we’re able to get out and shop, let’s go for it! Troy Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rachel South says, “Shopping locally funds families and futures. It pays salaries for parents your children go to school with. It creates jobs, a sense of community pride, and so much growth.”

Shopping locally also helps tax revenue which funds projects to improve our communities.

“Most of all, shopping local is investing in yourself,” South notes. “It is using your hard-earned dollar to influence the area around you. And what a profound impact that can have!”

Shop using Cash Back

Just in case you can’t get out to shop, check out Cash Back, one of many benefits of the Co-op Connections program. Shop online at more than 4,000 participating retailers and earn cash on your purchases. You might already shop online but now you can accumulate cash based on your purchases by shopping through a portal that leads to your favorite retailers, such as: Kohl’s, Coach, Lands’ End, Macy’s and many more. Each merchant offers a different percent of cash back on purchases and transactions appear in your account within seven days.

Register for a free Co-op Connections account first

To access all of the benefits that Co-op Connections can offer, you need to sign up for a free account at Once that step is completed, look for the Cash Back Mall option and click. Then just follow the directions provided.

Don’t forget to look at the other benefits that Co-op Connections offers too, such as the Healthy Savings discounts, business discounts, electronic Entertainment Book coupons and more. For questions, contact

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