Save money every day with Co-op Connections

Save money every day with Co-op Connections

Happy 2019! Start the year off by making a resolution to save with Co-op Connections all year long. Save money on everything from dining out, getting concert tickets to seeing your favorite group to playing a round of golf, having a tree cut down, and even visiting the dentist.

If you haven’t already, visit and sign up for a free Co-op Connections Card account FIRST. You will need to do this before you can use the Co-op Connections app. Once you’ve registered on the website, then download the app from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store and access the deals and the savings opportunities while you’re on the go. Thanks to the digital Co-op Connections card that is part of the app, the days of needing to carry a plastic one in your wallet are over.

CREC members have saved $737,500.42 in prescription costs by using their Co-op Connections Card between 2008 and October 2018

Co-op Connections offers savings from dozens of local businesses and national discount offers such as online shopping and hotel/rental car savings. Remember the thick Entertainment Books with coupons you had to cut out? You now have access to over 300,000 nationwide deals through the digital version of that old Entertainment Book. This a traveler’s dream since it can be used throughout the country.

Healthy savings discounts for select dental, vision, hearing, chiropractic and lab services are still available. These discount opportunities can provide stand-alone benefits for the uninsured or can supplement insurance coverage in many cases. And of course, you can still save up to 85 percent on prescription medication at 60,000-plus pharmacies. Show the pharmacist your Co-op Connections card that includes all of the needed information to determine the discount on the back of the card.

Don’t just download the app and let it clutter up your phone. Let your New Year’s resolution be to use the Co-op Connections app in 2019 to save money on a regular basis. Make it a challenge to see how many of the Entertainment Book coupons can be used this year.
Questions? Contact and please remember to put “Co-op Connections Card” in the subject line.


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