Reliable service, prompt handling of issues get top scores from members

May 31, 2019

In late 2018, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC), along with 49 other co-ops in the state of Missouri, participated in the triennial member satisfaction survey conducted every three years by our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI).

Overall, the survey focused on measuring member satisfaction and cooperative performance on a number of service and operations areas, including: contact experiences; handling problems; service reliability; outage restoration; rates and value and cooperative principles. Feedback on additional areas such as communications and advertising; renewable energy and electric vehicles; use of computers, Internet and social media; appliance saturations for energy intensive equipment, was also collected.

Reliable service, prompt handling of issues get top scores from members

As a part of the survey, three questions were asked to generate an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score: Overall Satisfaction, Meeting Expectations, and Comparison to An Ideal Utility Company. The questions were rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 as the ideal score, and converted to a scale of 0-100 for reporting. This year, CREC achieved an ACSI score of 89, one of the highest among Missouri electric cooperatives.

In other key findings, on the same scale of 1-10, CREC achieved high marks (8, 9 or 10) from members in these areas related to our co-op:

  • Providing reliable service: 9.46
  • Handling problems quickly: 9.14
  • Gives money back: 9.14
  • Good value for money: 8.99
  • Improves quality of life: 8.77

Results also showed that nearly 76% of CREC respondents showed a strong concern for a continued balanced approach to meeting future energy needs. Members were less enthusiastic about supporting regulations to limit the use of coal to generate electricity or increase renewable energy purchases if it raises monthly electric bills. Additionally, interest in purchasing electric vehicles was limited to a small audience with mostly higher incomes.

When it came to communication, members continue to get the majority of their cooperative news from Rural Missouri/Current Times, along with newsletters and bill inserts. For everyday news and information, members rely the most on television, and this year, Internet news sources surpassed newspapers and radio as the second most popular source. Members continue to embrace social media, with Facebook and YouTube being the most popular.

Going forward, survey results will be reviewed and sourced as a part of establishing the co-op’s strategic direction. The survey data can help to prioritize opportunities for improving member satisfaction and engagement.

“This kind of feedback from members, along with future surveys CREC continues to conduct, helps ensure that we understand what is most important to them,” said Doug Tracy, General Manager/CEO. “It is our primary responsibility to provide reliable and safe energy for members as well as serve as good stewards of the co-op’s finances. Our members are the reason we exist — their best interests remain top of mind on a daily basis.”

Our heartfelt thanks to those members who were contacted and agreed to participate in the triennial survey, your input is greatly appreciated. For more information about the survey, please contact Mary Wilson, Manager of Communications at 636-695-4830, or Learn more about ACSI and other industry scores at 

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