Register lifelines with Medic Alert

Register lifelines with Medic Alert

Electricity and medicine work hand in hand to improve the quality of life and health for many. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the use of home health equipment powered by electricity.

Medic Alert Registration Form
Above is a sample of the medic alert
registration form.

Electricity is a lifeline for families with special health needs. That’s why we’d like to know when someone depends on electricity for his or her next breath.

Cuivre River offers Medic Alert Registration so we can be aware of special needs. Medic Alert families are placed on a notification list, so every reasonable effort may be made to provide advance notice of a planned maintenance outage.

Medic Alert also helps prioritize service restoration when possible after an unexpected power disruption. However, when an unexpected outage occurs, crews must first focus on restoring power to main lines and make power available to secondary lines. Following a storm or other emergency, priorities may also include other life-threatening circumstances, which are evaluated as they become known.

To register for Medic Alert complete the form at right and send it with a physician’s written statement to: Medic Alert Program, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 160, Troy, MO  63379.

If you previously registered for Medic Alert but no longer require the electrical equipment, we would also appreciate hearing from you. To remove a name from the medic alert registry call 800-392-3709, ext. 4393. You may also e-mail

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