Protect our linemen: Don’t add risks to poles

October 21, 2020
Protect our linemen: Don’t add risks to poles

Although seemingly innocent enough, putting signs or other items on utility poles creates serious safety hazards. Staples, nails and tacks used to hang signs — as well as the signs themselves — pose dangers to your electric cooperative’s line workers who must climb poles when either restoring power following storms or while performing routine maintenance to ensure system reliability.

Posters or other objects (birdhouses, balloons, flags and even basketball goals) can be dangerous obstacles. Imagine climbing down a pole at night and stepping on that birdhouse or getting a foot stuck in a basketball hoop. A lineman’s work is difficult enough without worrying about these obstacles.

Also, the nails and tacks left behind from signs can snag utility workers’ boots or puncture safety clothing, putting lineworkers at risk of slipping or even electrocution.

In addition to being hazardous, tampering with utility poles can be costly. Posting signs or attaching other objects to utility poles is illegal and can carry a hefty fine.

Your electric cooperative appreciates your help in keeping power line poles clear and linemen safe.

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