Power Quality Plus

Power Quality Plus

Power Quality Plus can help prevent damage

“Whenever the weather is volatile, it’s a good time to consider Power Quality Plus surge protection,” says Member Services Representative Gabe Twellman, who now works with Power Quality Plus (PQ+).

Power Quality Plus

As the program nears its 20th anniversary, more than 1,950 member families are benefiting from the advanced protection it offers against lightning that could strike and damage incoming electric service lines.

What is PQ+? It’s a comprehensive home power protection program. PQ+ equipment can help minimize damage to home appliances than can result from lightning strikes and voltage surges. PQ+ is a front-end buffer for major appliances termed “white goods,” such as the refrigerator, freezer, stove/oven, washer, dryer, furnace/fan motor, air conditioner, etc. Home electronics and microprocessors require extra plug-in surge protection for best results.

Click here for an updated list of items covered under the TESCO warranty

How does it work? An external meter base adapter “bleeds off” the excess incoming lightning surge when it takes a lightning strike. It does not keep you from losing power during a storm, but it may keep the surge from damaging appliances, says Twellman. 

He reminds us that lightning can enter a home in many ways. Every wire, pipe and antenna can be a path for an electrical surge. The meter base adapter helps prevent surges from traveling through your meter base, but does not protect other incoming paths.

Meter adapters include a pair of red indicator lights to help you determine if your adapter is working. If any type of surge has damaged your adapter, one or both of the lights will be “off,” or dark. If the lights are “red” the unit it working. The lights are visible on the underside of the meter collar, and on the face of the separate adapter box.

What does it cost? The cooperative will install, lease and maintain the meter base adapters for $5.95/month. Maintenance includes replacing the adapter if it takes a lightning strike and automatically installing a new adapter as the warranty nears its expiration date. To enroll in the monthly lease program contact Twellman by calling 636-695-4836 or email gtwellman@cuivre.com. Members who prefer to own the equipment may purchase it directly and maintain it themselves. Cuivre River will install the purchased equipment for a one-time fee (call for prices).

About TESCO: Cuivre River uses TESCO brand products, chosen for superior technical support. TESCO, headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has conducted power quality research and development since 1984 when it first began providing surge protection equipment. TESCO products are tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the National Electric Energy Testing Research and Application Center (NETRAC).

TESCO electric meter socket adapters protect appliances from surges that enter a home from an external power line. TESCO Plug-in surge suppression strips protect individual appliances from transient surges from internal electronic noise, bad switches, and internal telephone and coax sources. Surge suppression strips can also help extend the life of appliances. Single outlet cubes protect electric appliances not suited for a plug-in strip (i.e. garage door openers, microwave ovens). Eight-outlet TESCO surge suppression strips with two telephone and two coax cable outlets can be purchased through Cuivre River for $66.93. Single outlet TESCO surge suppression cubes are available for $19.79. Call Twellman (above) to inquire.