Outage Viewer

Outage Viewer


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Cuivre River Electric Cooperative’s mission is to serve our members with a dependable supply of electricity, even during severe weather conditions. We maintain 5,478 miles of electric distribution line in Lincoln, Pike, Montgomery, St. Charles and Warren counties, and power outages can occur in our service area for various reasons.


The Outage Viewer map located below is displaying the current outages in our service area. The black and grey area represents our service area, and the colored squares and polygons represent outages that are occurring right now. We are working to resolve all outages as quickly and effectively as possible. Please call (800) 392-3709, ext. 4390 to report an outage 24 hours a day.


The Outage Viewer map will update automatically every 2 minutes.


Cuivre River Electric provides a Smart Phone Outage Viewer using the link below. Please contact Communications at (800) 392-3709 if you are having problems viewing the Outage Viewer.


Missouri Outage Viewer

How many electric cooperative members in Missouri are experiencing a power outage? The Association of Missouri Electric Cooperative’s (AMEC) Outage Viewer Map (link is external) is available and can be viewed by selecting the AMEC Outage Viewer Map (link is external).


AMEC is a statewide organization headquartered in Jefferson City representing Missouri's 47 electric co-ops. Founded in 1937, AMEC’s mission is to provide a means for electric cooperatives to work together and accomplish things collectively that they could not do as effectively or efficiently on their own.


The Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives is truly a grassroots organization. Everything they do at AMEC begins as a request from a local system. That request is driven by a need from the member at the end of the line. The statewide association exists to do only those things your electric cooperative does not have the time, power or money to do on its own. By working together, AMEC has been able to keep the rural electric program strong and influential in Missouri.


Access Association of Missouri Electric Cooperative’s Outage Viewer Map (link is external)