New Meter Replacement Project

New Meter Replacement Project

Two-year project to begins. Cuivre River launched a two-year meter replacement program on June 1, 2016 to standardize meter technology and prepare to meet members' future needs.

With nine full months of the two-year meter replacement program behind us, the new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project is already producing results.


For AMI Coordinator Neal Harrell, who has worked for years to help maintain the communication technology for the cooperative's aging hybrid system, it's a relief to see the new equipment coming on line.


About 40% of member locations already benefit from the new AMI system's improved outage detection and preventive maintenance planning, improved energy use data for members, reduced meter reading estimates, and reduced connect, disconnect and reconnect expenses.


The goal of the system-wide meter replacement program, as reported in the May Current Times, is to standardize meter technology and prepare to meet members' future needs.


Until recently, three different types of meters were required to meet Cuivre River's needs. Each type offered a specific solution for the geographic area where it was installed. Each required different software, communication technology and  support equipment in the field.


The search for a single replacement solution began two years ago with a review of seven different metering systems.


Since the program began in 2016 Cuivre River Electric has deployed 25,000 meters in it's diverse service area.


The project is allowing Cuivre River to field-test operational strength in various terrains, test remote reading, two-way radio communication to facilitate remote connect, disconnect and reconnect features, test reading consistency and accuracy, outage and power restoration notification, theft detection and distribution automation.


Cuivre River personnel and technicians from Anixter Power Solutions are working to install the new system. The Anixter team helped deploy the pilot project last summer.


"Do not hesitate to call us or ask our contractors for their credentials," says Manager of Member Services Kevin Hurd.


For more information email, contact Cuivre River Electric's Neal Harrell, who is coordinating the project, at (800) 392-3709, ext. 4834, or Kevin Hurd at ext. 4831.


An average of 3,000 meters per month will continue to be exchanged until the project is complete.