Make a resolution to save in 2018

Make a resolution to save in 2018

Most people will say they are interested in saving money. How about yourself?

Do you check for every possible way to save money on goods and services? Don’t forget about CREC’s Co-op Connections Card program that’s available to all members, thanks to our affiliation with Touchstone Energy.

Last year, did you...

  • Get a carpet cleaned?
  • Board your dog?
  • Purchase tires?
  • Get your oil changed?
  • Get new eyeglasses?
  • Need auto body work?
  • Purchase or have repairs made to home heating and/or air conditioning systems?
  • Get your taxes done?
  • Mow the lawn or landscape?
  • Treat yourself to a massage?
  • Visit the chiropractor?
  • Repair or replace a windshield?
  • Have a tree cut or stump removed?
  • Install new flooring?
  • Get a will made?
  • Buy flowers or special gifts?
  • Rent a costume?
  • Purchase jewelry?
  • Call an exterminator?
  • Have any auto repairs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, hopefully you visited the Co-op Connections Card link at and searched for the local businesses who could provide these services and others at a discount price.

Visitors to the website can also find more national online discounts from Touchstone Energy, such as discounts for ordering flowers, buying food/gift items, theme park tickets, rental car reservations, advance hotel reservations, and shopping for PCs/laptops, hearing aids, FR clothing and much more.

Make it a priority to start 2018 with a goal of keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket and save by using the Co-op Connections Card.

Multiple ways to save with Co-op Connections

  1. Save money at dozens of local business partners in the region. Visit and click on the Co-op Connections Card link.
  2. Save online at more than 75 national business partners. Shop online from home or while you’re on the go.
  3. Save with manufacturer’s coupons.  Search for manufacturer’s coupons to print and save money through our affiliation with
  4. Save on health-related services with Healthy Savings discounts.  

Present your Co-op Connections Card to your pharmacist and you can save up to 85%, depending on the drug and generic availability. If you have prescription coverage, show your card anyway and ask for a price comparison. Cuivre River members have saved nearly $700,000 in prescription costs since 2008.

Healthy Savings discounts are also available for select dental (20%-40% savings), vision (10%-60% savings), hearing (35% savings), chiropractic (30%-50% savings) and lab services (10%-60% savings). These discount opportunities can provide stand-alone benefits for the uninsured, or can supplement insurance coverage in many cases.

Need a Co-op Connections card? Contact CREC at 800-392-3709, ext. 4838 to request your card.

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