Free electricity prizes double this year!

Free electricity prizes double this year!

Imagine the possibility of winning a year of free electricity (a $1,500 credit), just for voting! This year, Cuivre River will give away a total of nearly six years of electricity with two drawings — one from the pool of absentee voters and a second drawing as part of attendance prizes to be awarded at the August 10 Annual Meeting at the Family Arena.

At the Annual Meeting, a drawing will be held for a year of electricity ($1,500 bill credit); two prizes of $500 bill credits; two prizes of $250 bill credits; plus 12 single months of free electricity (up to $200).

New for 2018, members who cast an absentee vote will be entered into a drawing for free electricity. The names of five winners will be drawn, with the top prize to be a $1,500 bill credit. Two members will receive a $500 bill credit, while two others will each be presented a $250 bill credit. The winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting. These prizes are in addition to both the bill credits and traditional attendance prizes awarded at the Annual Meeting. Absentee voters may still attend the Annual Meeting and are eligible to win attendance prizes — unless they have already won an absentee voting prize.

In addition to free electricity, Cuivre River vendors provide additional gifts. Prizes will be awarded to those still in attendance after the business meeting, which concludes around 8 p.m.

Youth ages 12 and under can register in the children’s area to win bicycles and other prizes. Children must be present to enter, but need not be present to win. Winners will be announced on stage at 7:05 p.m.

Bill credits awarded are non-transferable.

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