Co-op Connections Card

Co-op Connections Card

Discounts abound -- here's how to save

Save money with Co-op Connections all year long, on everything from dining out, getting concert tickets for your favorite group to playing a round of golf, having a tree cut down, and even visiting the dentist.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free Co-op Connections Card account FIRST. You will need to do this before you can use the Co-op Connections app. Once you’ve registered on the website, then download the app from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store and access the deals and the savings opportunities while you’re on the go. 

As you use the digital app to save, your online account will keep track of individual savings such as, if you download or print a $5 off deal for an item or service.  

Of note: If you wish to visit a business that is a Co-op Connections partner who is offering a discount, please check on the website for what that deal is. Some businesses may only honor the deal as shown on the digital app, or by presenting the specific coupon for their business that you can download and print from the Co-op Connections website (see below for an example). Some businesses may not honor just presenting your plastic card when on site. If you’re just not sure, contact the business directly before you go. Also, please check if there is an expiration date for the deal. 


Co-Op Connections App Screenshot

Co-op Connections offers savings from dozens of local businesses and national discount offers such as online shopping and hotel/rental car savings. Remember the thick Entertainment Books with coupons you had to cut out? You now have access to over 300,000 nationwide deals through the digital version of that old Entertainment Book. This a traveler’s dream since it can be used throughout the country.

Healthy savings discounts for select dental, vision, hearing, chiropractic and lab services are still available. These discount opportunities can provide stand-alone benefits for the uninsured or can supplement insurance coverage in many cases. And of course, you can still save up to 85 percent on prescription medication at 60,000-plus pharmacies. Show the pharmacist your Co-op Connections card (plastic card or digital) that includes all of the needed information to determine the discount on the back of the card. 

Questions? Contact and please remember to put “Co-op Connections Card” in the subject line.


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Co-op Connections Card Healthy Savings

Dan Alexander (at far left) accepts a plaque from Manager of Engineering & Operations Rick Didion honoring Dan's service to Cuivre River from March 5, 1979 to February 29, 2016.

Since the Co-op Connections Card Rx Healthy Savings discount began, cooperative members served by 500 participating Touchstone Energy cooperatives nationwide have saved more than $100 million, thanks to Touchstone’s agreement with pharmacy benefit manager New Benefits.


Locally, Cuivre River members have netted Rx savings of nearly $775,000 through the end of 2019, which helped members either save this amount or spend it elsewhere.


The card can be used at 60,000+ pharmacies in the U.S.


Q. How do I get an Rx discount?

A. Take your Co-op Connections Card with you to the pharmacy when you need to fill a prescription.  Show the card to the pharmacist, who will then use information on the back of the card to compute the price.


Expected discount savings should range from 10% - 85%. Savings vary with each prescription. You can expect to receive the highest savings on an established drug which offers a generic option.


When you present your Co-op Connections Card, the pharmacist puts the Card's Group and Member numbers into the pharmacy's computer system, along with the current retail price.  The computer sorts through the pharmacy’s various contracts and agreements and will confirm the amount the pharmacy has agreed to accept for a particular medication, as well as the price the member will need to pay at the time of purchase.  For example, if a pharmacy sells a generic drug for $4 but its Co-op Connections contracted rate is $7, the system will tell the pharmacist to charge $4. The consumer doesn’t know which discount program was used but is very happy with the result.


Q. Does Walmart still honor the card?

A. Yes. Some Cuivre River Electric members have reported difficulty using the card at Walmart since January 1. New Benefits CEO Joel Ray recently stated, “Walmart and Sam’s Club stopped processing discount pharmacy cards for $4 and $10 generic prescriptions." While cooperative members have not historically received savings on these low cost prescriptions, the refusal to process the requests could give the impression that Walmart is no longer accepting discount pharmacy cards. "This is not accurate,” says Ray.  “Walmart is still a participating pharmacy in the discount network."


Additionally, from January 26 - 28, 2016 Walmart eliminated historical discount card information stored in patient files. Now members are asked to show their cards with every purchase, according to Ray. Combined, these two measures may have caused confusion or inconvenience during a visit to the pharmacy counter.


"We are grateful that local Walmart stores have helped promote Cuivre River’s Co-op Connections Card Rx discount," says Rod Smerkar, who coordinates Cuivre River's participation in the discount program. "We’ve received hundreds of calls from members who said, 'Walmart told me to contact you to get my card,'" he adds. "We appreciate the pharmacy looking out for the well-being of our members, and we look forward to a continuing partnership."


Q. How do I get a discount at Walmart?

A. Carry your Co-op Connections Card with you each time you visit the pharmacy.  It might also be beneficial to become familiar with Walmart's $4 and $10 generic program. As of press time, a list was available on the Walmart web site.


Q. How do I get a Co-op Connections Card?

A. To request your free card, call (800) 392-3709.


Refer to "Co-op Connections Card" in your voice message.