Be Storm Smart

Be Storm Smart

Promoting electrical safety is always in season - and a smart thing to do. Be Prepared. Be Storm Smart.

Be Storm Smart. Are You Prepared? Promoting electrical safety is always in season - and a smart thing to do. As winter storm season approaches, Mid-Missouri electric cooperatives have gone a step further, launching the Be Storm Smart initiative and website for storm preparedness.


The initiative includes web-based resources for storm kit preparation, generator safety and power line safety, video links for storm safety and "Kid's Page" resources for youth. It also includes things families can do to be prepared before a storm, and be safe during and after a storm.


"It's important to Be Storm Smart all year long," says Safety Coordinator Doug Bagby. "Being prepared is an ongoing task. There are things every member of the family can do to help," he adds. "The more we rely on electricity for health, safety, communication and learning, the more important it is for all family members to know what to do."


Proactive steps to consider before a storm threatens include:


  • Prepare a storm kit with essential supplies, home escape routes, family meeting places and plans to care for pets
  • Prepare a storm kit for your car; include mobile device chargers
  • Keep your family's mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) charged and ready to use if the power goes out
  • Have a backup plan, such as an alternate location or generator, to assist family members who rely on electricity-powered medical assistant devices
  • Keep an up-to-date list of emergency numbers where every family member can find it; place emergency numbers in your cell phone contact list
  • Learn how to use the manual release lever on your electric garage door opener; keep a home
  • key backup for electronic keypad entries
  • Protect sensitive electric equipment with surge protection devices
  • Store extra copies of vital documents in two separate locations.


Contact the Cuivre River Electric Member Services Department to request a "Be Storm Smart" brochure at (800) 392-3709, ext. 4399.

Cuivre River Electric Is Storm Ready

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Is Storm-Ready. We monitor storm warnings when they are expected to enter our service area and region.


While snow is rarely a service problem, the potential of freezing rain does raise concerns, since power outages can be caused by ice weighing down trees and causing them to fall over power lines. The weight of heavy ice on wires and poles can also topple equipment, especially in windy conditions.


Cuivre River maintains an aggressive Right-of-Way maintenance program to keep trees away from lines. However, tall trees beyond the cut rights-of-way can still fall and disrupt service. Pole inspections and service upgrades also help assure equipment in the field is well-maintained and less vulnerable to damage.


When the National Weather Service issues a storm warning, Cuivre River members who rely on electricity to operate medical equipment are urged to plan ahead for a potential emergency situation.


Members should also consider preparing an emergency storm kit, such as recommended at, or by visiting FEMA’s web site, Check with county resources to learn where emergency shelters are located.


Cuivre River Electric’s website features a live Outage Viewer plus other helpful information, such as important Safety information, plus food safety tips from the USDA.


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is the largest member-owned electric cooperative in Missouri, serving over 63,500 homes and businesses in St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, southern Pike and eastern Montgomery counties.


Cuivre River Electric is one of over 40 electric cooperatives in Missouri and 900 electric cooperatives which form the largest utility network in the nation, and can count on assistance if extra help is needed to restore service during a widespread emergency.