Balancing act

June 3, 2019

Our land, water and air quality is important to all of us, and we back up our words with our actions. Our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, along with you and all other member-owners have invested more than $1 billion since 1994 to improve air quality and care for our land and water resources.

We spend more than $45 million a year on environmental control measures to improve air quality.

The environmental modifications we’ve made to reduce emissions at our coal plants go beyond regulatory requirements. Associated was one of the first utilities to convert to 100 percent low-sulfur coal, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions 90 percent in 1994. We were one of the first to install selective catalytic reduction equipment to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions. Along with our investments in environmental controls, Associated has led the way with proactive research into lower-cost, effective technologies for protecting the quality of our air, land and water.

But it’s not just about coal. Hydropower has been part of our power mix since the beginning. We have long-term wind energy purchase agreements in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. However, since wind cannot be counted on to blow whenever you need power, we must rely on fuel-based power to supply your on-demand electricity. That is why we have added more natural gas to our portfolio of energy.       

By having a diverse set of resources, we can provide a balance of clean, affordable and reliable electricity to you, our member.

Learn more about Associated Electric Cooperative's environmental stewardship.

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