Annual Report To Members

Annual Report To Members

Cooperative values helped build foundation, will guide future


As we reflect on the past year and plan for uncertain times ahead, it's gratifying to know the cooperative values* that helped us build a strong foundation remain relevant today to guide our future.


What keeps them relevant is you, our member-owners. Our work to serve you, your family, your business, your community is at the heart of everything we do.


Accountability. Our accountability to you keeps members like you at the helm of leadership. At the 2015 annual meeting we honored Glenn Ridder, who retired after serving 29 years as your representative on the Board of Directors. We welcomed new director Keith Luecke, who was elected to take his place.


As you selected your member-directors, you also supported a bylaw amendment to permit members who participate in absentee voting to count toward our meeting quorum. This gave us the opportunity to implement online voting this year, and make voting in the director election more accessible than ever. A bylaw amendment to make it easier for a candidate to seek nomination by petition was also approved.


Our annual member satisfaction survey is another way to get member input about our operations. We received an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score of 86 from members who participated this year. This score indicates we consistently out-perform nearly every cooperative in the state in member satisfaction and in exceeding members' expectations. (See ACSI Scores.)


We are pleased to be growing, adding nearly 100 new meter locations each month. We remain committed to meeting the needs of new and long-time members.


Integrity. Maintaining financial integrity through electric rates and in our business practices is key to our financial stability and success. The 5.5% average rate increase implemented this spring - the first in seven years - makes it possible to pay wholesale power costs that increased a comparable amount.


If the revenue we collect from you exceeds the amount we need for our expenses, it is allocated to you as a "capital credit." Your directors are pleased to be able to return more than $5 million to you this year.


Your power suppliers, Central Electric Power Cooperative and Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI) continue working to develop diverse generation resources,  navigate dynamic industry challenges, and prepare for the unknown impact of the Clean Power Plan. Together we focus on providing you the affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible service you value.


Innovation. To strengthen our infrastructure and standardize meter equipment we embarked on a 2015 pilot project to select a single meter technology that could serve all our members. We were pleased the project was a success, and launched a two-year meter replacement program this summer.


Commitment to Community. As a member-owned cooperative we care deeply about our members, families, neighbors and local business community.


The goal of our ongoing work in economic development, with local chambers of commerce, and with community organizations is to strengthen our communities and improve opportunities for all.


Members' generous support for Operation Round Up continues to provide much-appreciated resources to address unmet needs in areas of health, youth, weatherization, education, emergency and community organizations.


We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and be part of your community.


Walter Gregory, Board President

Dan L. Brown, GM/CEO

ACSI Scores American Customer Satisfaction Index

Utility Industry Scores:

Cuivre River  86

Associated Electric Cooperative (AECI) system 83

Touchstone Energy®         77

Cooperative utilities 71

Investor-owned utilities      69


Other Industry Scores:

Apple  81

Panera         81

Southwest Airlines   80

Coca-Cola     79

Pepsi  78

YouTube       76

Starbucks     75

Facebook      75

McDonald's   69





Cuivre River Members by County:

St. Charles County  59%

Lincoln County        24%

Warren County*      15%

Pike County            2%


*includes Montgomery County


Generating Capacity:

Coal                       2,353 MW

Natural Gas            2,798 MW

Wind                       750 MW

Hydro Electric         478 MW


2015 Fuel Diversity:

Coal                       68%

Wind                       12%

Natural Gas            12%

Hydro Electric         8%