Annual Meeting/Election

Annual Meeting/Election

Meeting format changes for 2019 and beyond

If you attended CREC’s 2018 annual meeting, or read General Manager/CEO Doug Tracy’s remarks in the October 2018 issue of Current Times, you know that the Board of Directors and CREC staff were planning to evaluate everything related to the operation of our co-op – including the annual meeting — as part of our yearly budgeting process.

Since that time, one of the issues that has emerged in that evaluation is the format of your co-op’s annual meeting. After much consideration, the Board made the decision to modify the meeting’s format, starting in 2019. To be clear, there will still be an annual meeting — our co-op’s bylaws require it — however, there will be some adjustments to how and where the meeting is conducted.

In a careful evaluation of the event, the Board looked at a number of things, including attendance and member registration at the meeting in order to vote. Both have continued to decline over the years, with this past year being the lowest. Absentee voting (online and paper) prior to the meeting has increased.

Additionally, in the last two years, the quorum required for the business meeting and election has been reached before the meeting. These facts, as well as the uncertainty of the Family Arena as a venue (at this writing, St. Charles County was considering an offer for purchase of the arena) are just a few of the reasons that contributed to the Board’s decision to change the meeting’s format.

“The change is not a new idea,” said Tracy.  “Other co-ops our size have done the same thing and for many of the same reasons. The modification of the meeting’s format is really a ‘normal’ evolution for similar co-ops in highly suburban areas,” he said.

Starting in 2019, the meeting will no longer be held at the Family Arena, but rather conducted on a smaller scale at our Lake Saint Louis branch office. It will be held in the afternoon prior to the Board’s August 2019 regular meeting on Thursday, Aug. 22. The meeting will not include a meal or entertainment. Members who vote will still be entered into a drawing for prizes, but attendance will not be required to win. Members will be able to vote online or by paper ballot prior to the meeting or may vote at the meeting if they choose to attend. We will also broadcast the meeting live via the Internet.

As August approaches, more details about the meeting and election will be provided. Over the next months, watch for information in the Current Times, in our e-newsletter, CREC Connections, social media, the CREC website as well as local media.

“To our members who have attended the annual meeting over the years, we thank you for your continued support and participation in governance of the co-op. As this change takes place in 2019, we encourage you to still vote in the annual election — your voice matters greatly,” Tracy said.  

Should you have any questions about the 2019 annual meeting, please feel free to contact us via phone or through our website email form.