Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) is governed by a board of 12 directors who are elected by CREC members at the cooperative’s annual meeting. Each board director lives in one of CREC's 12 districts. Once elected, a director represents their cooperative district and serves a three-year term.

The annual meeting of members, according to bylaws, is to be held between May 1 and October 1 of each year, for the purpose of electing directors, passing upon reports for the previous fiscal year and transacting such other business as may come before the meeting. Cooperative members may vote for directors online or by paper ballot during a period prior to the annual meeting, or may attend the annual meeting and vote in person.

The term "cooperative member" refers to a person, family, or business that purchases electricity from the cooperative. One member = one vote.

The annual meeting is also an opportunity for members to vote on any cooperative bylaw changes that are proposed by the board.

2020 Annual Meeting Handouts