Annual Business Meeting

September 1, 2019
2019 Election results

2019 Board of Directors election results

This year’s election brought in a total of 2,673 votes, which includes 2,647 votes from paper ballots and online voting prior to CREC’s annual meeting on August 22. Twenty-six ballots were cast on site at the meeting. This year’s count of pre-meeting votes for the election is the largest ever. Last year’s absentee votes totaled 2,163.

Results from the election for four directors in the co-op’s four districts with seats open were announced at the annual meeting, which was streamed live on the co-op’s YouTube channel. A recording of the broadcast is available on CREC’s YouTube channel at (link is external).

The four incumbents who chose to run for re-election were selected by members for new three-year terms. Jeff Geisendorfer, who finished his first term as a board member, was re-elected in Lincoln County District 2. In Warren County District 1, Dan Elliott, was re-elected. Diane Saale, was re-elected to St. Charles County District 2. Finally, in Pike County, Walt Gregory was re-elected.

Our deepest thanks to all of the board candidates who took the time to run for office, and to our members who voted in the 2019 election.













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