Annual Business Meeting

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February 23, 2017

Modification of the CREC Annual Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is the future of the CREC annual meeting?

In late summer of 2018, following an evaluation of the 2018 event as well as prior annual meetings, the CREC Board of Directors made the decision to modify the format of the cooperative’s annual meeting and election of board members, starting in 2019.

2. Will there still be an annual meeting?

Absolutely! CREC bylaws require that an annual meeting is to be held and it will be. The format of the meeting, starting this year, will be different. In the past, before online voting was available, and before absentee voting counted toward quorum, the meeting’s format was necessary to provide a way for members to vote in person and to reach quorum. The past format is no longer necessary. 

3. How will the meeting be changed?

The meeting will no longer be held at the Family Arena, but rather conducted on a smaller scale at our Lake Saint Louis branch office at 8757 Hwy N., Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367.

There will not be a meal served and there will not be any entertainment prior to the meeting as there has been in years past. The meeting will be streamed live online.

4. When is the 2019 annual meeting?

The 2019 meeting will be held August 22 in the afternoon prior to the Board’s August 2019 regular meeting.

5. What about voting? If I don’t come to the meeting, how can I vote?

Voting will be available prior to the meeting, online and by paper ballot, as it has been for the last several years. Members still have the option to attend the annual meeting to vote at that time if they choose.

6. What about prizes, are you doing away with awarding prizes?

No. We are not eliminating prizes. Prizes including free electricity will still be awarded. The drawing will be from the pool of members who vote either online or by paper ballot prior to the meeting, and those who do choose to attend and vote at the meeting. Anyone who votes will still be eligible to win prizes, however, being present at the annual meeting will no longer be required to win if your name is drawn.

7. Why did the Board decide to change the format of the meeting?

The decision to evaluate the annual meeting’s format and eventually modify it emerged as part of the cooperative’s 2019 overall budget process. In making their decision, the Board considered several points:  

  • A continued decline in the number of members attending the annual meeting over the years, with this year’s being the lowest.
  • The quorum necessary for the election of board members has been continually reached through online and paper absentee voting for the last two elections in 2017 and 2018.
    (A bylaw change approved by members at the 2015 annual meeting established that absentee votes were to be counted toward quorum. Additionally, the online option for voting absentee was first offered in 2016)
  • Absentee (online and paper option) voting, for those who could not or chose not to attend the annual meeting, has increased since first being offered.
  • Future use of the St. Charles Family Arena as a venue for the annual meeting is uncertain as St. Charles County is currently considering selling the facility    

The change in format is not a new idea – in fact, other co-ops our size have done the same thing and for many of the same reasons. The modification is really a “normal” evolution for similar co-ops in highly suburban areas.

8. Will I be able to get more information about the meeting?

Yes. Further information will be offered in CREC's newsletter, Current Times (Rural Missouri), through our enewsletter, CREC Connections, on our website (, through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and through local media/newspapers. You are also welcome to contact CREC directly by phone if you have a specific question. We’ll do our best to ensure that you are kept informed.


Four incumbents re-elected to CREC Board of Directors

Members of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) elected four directors at their annual meeting on August 10 at the St. Charles Family Arena in St. Charles. Just over 1,950 attended the event.

Four incumbents re-elected to CREC Board

 In the four districts with seats open, the four incumbents who chose to run for re-election were selected by members for new three-year terms, continuing their service to the cooperative.

Michael (Mick) Burkemper of Moscow Mills, who has been a board member for 24 years, was re-elected in Lincoln County District 3. In Warren County District 2, Keith Luecke of Warrenton, who finished his first term as a board member, was re-elected for a second term. Mark Schulte, an 18-year board member from O’Fallon, was re-elected to St. Charles County District 1.  Finally, in St. Charles County District 3, Dale Anderson of Lake Saint Louis was re-elected to a third term as a board member.

Attendance at the cooperative’s annual meeting has declined over the years, however, more members have taken advantage of the option to vote absentee, either online or by paper ballot, since the cooperative’s bylaws changed in 2015 to count absentee votes toward quorum necessary for the election. In the last two years, with absentee voting, quorum has been reached before the annual meeting was ever held. This year, 2,163 of the election’s total 2,817 votes were cast absentee.

“The election of board members is a key annual event for our cooperative, as it provides our members with a say in who governs their cooperative,” said Doug Tracy, CREC General Manager/CEO. “With everyone’s busy lives, it’s not always possible to attend the annual meeting and vote in person, so having the absentee voting option means that members don’t have to miss out in selecting their co-op’s board of directors.”

As in years past, attendance prizes including free electricity were awarded. New this year were prizes for both absentee voters and for those who voted at the annual meeting. This year’s winners of free electricity were:

  • $1,500 winner – John Holmes (absentee winner), Beverly Patterson (meeting winner)
  • $500 winner – Natasha O’Neal  (absentee winner), William and Pam Beck (meeting winner)
  • $500 winner – Karen Sievers  (absentee winner), Mary and Michael Roy (meeting winner)
  • $250 winner – Elizabeth Arthur  (absentee winner), Perry and Billie Matlock (meeting winner)
  • $250 winner - Trendt Francis (absentee winner), Albert and Judith Simco (meeting winner)

In addition, 12 more members each won a free month of electricity, and 16 others won numerous other prizes including concert tickets, amusement park tickets, Cardinal baseball tickets and a variety of other gift cards.