ACSI Satisfaction Survey

ACSI Satisfaction Survey

ACSI 92: Members' High Marks Place Cuivre River At The Top Of Industry


For the second time in four years, Cuivre River members have given their cooperative an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) of 92, one of the highest scores in any industry in the country.


The ACSI is one of several benchmarks included in the Cuivre River's annual Member Satisfaction Survey project. It provides a unique opportunity to compare Cuivre River to other utilities, as well as other industries (see chart below).


Utility Industry Scores                     Top Industry Scores     

Cuivre River Electric 92                      Apple 84

Touchstone Energy 81                       Coca-Cola 83

Other Cooperatives 80                      Southwest Airlines 78

Investor-owned Utilities 75                Facebook 67

Cable/Satellite TV 65


"We're very gratified by the score," says General Manager/CEO Dan L. Brown. Scores above 90 are rare in every U.S. industry. The latest survey places Cuivre River Electric's ACSI at 90 or above for the fifth time since 2002.


The 2015 survey project included a hybrid strategy to obtain responses by phone and online, and sought opinions from a randomly selected group of residential members. Inside Information, an independent research organization, conducted the project this spring. Results have a margin of error of +/- 4.9% and a 95% probability.


In addition to satisfaction the survey assessed members' perceptions of the cooperative's performance in several other areas.


The survey was composed of 20 questions, including four ACSI questions that focused on the following attributes members rated on a scale of one to 10, with 10 representing the ideal score:


(1) Overall satisfaction                        9.42

(2) Meeting expectations                    9.02

(3) Ideal utility company                     9.22

(4) Would choose Cuivre River             9.44


Key findings were:

Equal and higher rating on all ACSI questions vs. 2014


Very high ratings for:

Courteous, competent employees (9.4 of 10)

Giving money back (9.3 of 10)

Restoring power quickly (9 of 10)

Providing "very reliable" service (96% of 100)

Satisfaction with how employees respond to concerns or problems (99% of 100)


Ratings for how well the cooperative helps members learn to manage energy costs were a modest 8 of 10, indicating there is room for improvement.


A growing number of members, now 68%, consider themselves more than just a customer. Improving member awareness is an ongoing priority.


New in 2015:


Respondents were asked to rate the following member benefits:


Receiving capital credit payments (9.23 of 10)

Electing directors (5.56 of 10)

Attending the annual meeting (4.96 of 10)


When asked about their power supply members showed the highest support for solar energy at an average 8.81 of 10, hydropower at 8.63, and wind at 8.32, and high support for natural gas at 7.98. Coal had an average score of 5.96; nuclear energy 6.24.


However, when asked about the most important aspect of their electricity, reliability was paramount (48%), followed closely by affordability (44%). Only 8% indicated environmentally clean power was the most important feature.


Members' interest in reliability and affordability stand in contrast with waning support for the use of coal, which received strong support from just 41.9% of members as a resource to generate their electricity.


Members also responded to questions about the way the cooperative provides information, including the Current Times/Rural Missouri, use of the web site and MyCuivreApp, and radio listening preferences.


What's next?

"We are responding to survey comments and working to improve the way we help members understand how they use energy," says Manager of Communications Mary Jane Clark, who coordinates the annual survey project.


"Work is also ongoing to help members become more aware of our long-standing efforts to balance affordability and reliability with environmental concerns," she says. "All three are important."


"Member Satisfaction is paramount," says Brown. "We work for the members, and answer to them for the way we conduct their business," he adds. "As a cooperative, we exist to serve our members' needs and work to meet or exceed their expectations. Our first priority every day is to do it well, and with gratitude for their support."


To learn more about the Annual Member Satisfaction Survey project contact Clark at (800) 392-3709, ext. 4830 or email To learn about the American Customer Satisfaction Index visit: